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Storytelling Methods to Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Teaching You to Find The Words Meant to Grow Your Business 

Captivate Clients

Differentiate Yourself

Create with Passion

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Everyone has a story to tell. Your story is about to take a new direction. You’ve been listening to a tiny voice in the back of your head. This subconscious voice is telling you to follow your aspirations of becoming an Entrepreneur and share your talents with the world.

However, something is holding you back.

You’re unsure how to differentiate yourself from everyone else in your field.

Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, you realize there are ways to deliver your message to become memorable in your client’s mind. I understand the struggles of connecting with your audience. You likely feel uncomfortable sharing your story, or you think it’s impossible to relate to your readers.

Before we begin your next chapter,

ask yourself these questions

  • Is my corporate job in alignment with my current goals and values?

  • Do my storytelling skills captivate the clients I want to work with?

  • Am I fearful of shedding light on my story?

  • Has my previous chapter in life come to an end?

Find The Words You are 1000% In Control Of & You Are One Step In The Door​

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Let's Begin Your New Journey With Magic Metaphors Workshop

Magic Metaphors enables entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace by providing expert guidance in the art of language (NLP) and storytelling. I will take you through live, interactive coaching that allows you to hone in on your storytelling abilities, and build connections with your audience in a memorable way.

Mastering storytelling will give you the building blocks to create your business with passion others can't resist, but you will also find your unique voice, and a road of learning your deeper self.

To get started on your Magic Metaphor Workshop journey simply

Take the quiz and schedule a call with me and we’ll discuss your goals.

Choose a workshop package that works best for you. Click here to learn more.

Begin your first workshop and learn the skills to elevate the storytelling skills you need to create the business of your dreams!

Here is what a few past clients have to say about their experience

in the Magic Metaphor Workshop

Alina learned NLP Techniques for Storytelling

“In a world where everyone seems to be using the same cookie cutter messaging strategies, being able to

story-tell and use unique metaphors is imperative to stand out.”

Alina N., Business Coach, Mentor & Hypnotist

Suzy learned NLP Techniques for Storytelling

“The first thing [Cathi] teaches you is how to speak with visual language, so that people can see your

stories in their mind. Number two, she teaches you how to co-create a story with your audience by getting

them to actually fill in the gap and thereby actually being engaged with the story. And lastly, she teaches

you how to be more confident in your storytelling””

Suzy Dickstein, creator of “Rise to Rave Worthy”

Lauren learned NLP Techniques for Storytelling

“For me personally, I always felt so awkward telling stories about myself. However, Cathi has this whole

process, where she uses your senses and gets the audience to feel like they're part of your story. It is truly


Lauren Zbiegien, Founder of “Lesson Plan Toolbox”

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